Embroidery Attempt #1

My husband and I spend our summers working in New Mexico, but go to school in Texas during the year for graduate degrees. We’ve been here for a week, and I thought I’d done a pretty great job of not forgetting to pack anything. That is, until I sat down to start sewing together a skirt once I’d cut out all the pieces – and realized I’d brought my sewing machine but no foot pedal *sigh*. Conveniently enough, my sister’s staying at our house back in Texas and gave the sewing machine pedal to my mother who is in the process of shipping it to me (thanks, mom!).

With a lack of a sewing machine and some crafty time to spare, I decided I’d try embroidery for another project I have in the works. Embroidery is something I’ve always really admired on other people’s websites and wanted to try on my own, but this weekend was the first time I ever actually finished a project (yay!) It’s not great or perfect, but I’m pretty pleased with it.


I just found a picture of a penguin I liked on the interwebs, drew it on some tracing paper over my fabric, and did a simple back stitch and tried french knots for the eyes. He’s about three inches tall. I originally tried doing a satin stitch across his tummy and face, but I couldn’t get it to turn out very nicely, so this is what I ended up with.

This guy is on some black woven fabric I have leftover from making the skirt, and is destined to become an iPad case for my new iPad2 <3. Hopefully they’ll come together soon once I get my sewing machine all back together!


Making aprons as a procrastination technique

I’m a messy baker.

Really, I’m pretty messy in general. But especially when baking or cooking, I always manage to get stuff on myself, especially if I’m doing making with flour. I kept telling myself I’d make myself one eventually, but never got around to it. Of course I couldn’t buy one, since its something I should be able to make myself. This weekend, while putting off working on a project for one of my classes, I finally got around to making an apron! Don’t you love how avoiding something you really don’t want to to is the best motivation for doing something you only kind of don’t want to do?

But where to figure out how to make an apron? I went to my new favorite interwebs tool – pinterest. I found a lot of inspiration there, and did some other interweb searching (etsy, google, etc) and put together a virtual apron inspiration board here. I ultimately decided I wanted a curved back, lacy trim, and a stationary neck strap (no ties). I picked some fabric from my stash, and went to work.


I finished the whole thing (from deciding I wanted to make an apron to finishing up the last details) in just a few hours, and still had time to finish my project before the husband and I met friends for dinner. It was a good day 🙂 My mom loved it, so I’m planning on making her one for mother’s day. Maybe I’ll upload a template for it then?

I can’t wait to make something with it on – I feel like such a cute housewife wearing it!

– Julia

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Scripture Art

My husband and I got married a few months ago, but really haven’t put much up on our walls yet. I’m working on a gallery wall of mostly wedding pictures for our living room (more on that later), but we’ve also been looking for a way to display our faith in some way. I’d been thinking about putting some crosses on a wall, but then I saw this when I was looking around on pinterest, and loved the idea of making prints like this one and of several other of our favorite verses. We chose:

Psalm 126:3Proverbs 3:5
Ephesians 2:8
Philippians 4:13Joshua 24:15

I whipped these up in adobe illustrator this afternoon, printed them on some nice linen cardstock we have left over from making wedding invitations, and went out and got some black 8″x8″ frames to put them in. There’s a column in a very prominent part of our house that’s about 10.5″ wide, and now we have the first four of these lined up there. I love the block font for the verse in its little square with the wide white border and the verse reference in the script font sticking into that white border. I love the single red word in each print – they’re one of the first things you notice when you walk in our front door. I love that the red, black, and white fit in so well with everything else in our kitchen and living room. The husband and I are looking forward to making new ones with other verses in the future and switching them out.

I can’t wait until we have people over again and get to show them off 🙂


Please note: you’re welcome to use these images (not for profit), but if you do please let me know!

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