Ocean Waves Quilt

I love animals on fabric, especially in blues and greens. When my cousin had a baby last year and was going with an under the sea themed nursery, I did not have a hard time finding enough fabrics to use in a quilt and ended up with an unnecessarily large baby quilt. Because everyone loves baby photos, I’ll start with one of adorable baby Corbin.

Under the Sea Baby Quilt

Because I have a hard time with solids, I even used a really soft low volume wave print in the background (one of my favorites by my Houston friend Patty Sloniger!)

New Wave Quilt

The pattern is Elizabeth Hartman’s New Wave Quilt, which is a free pattern available here. I used the full size listed in the pattern (around 51×55″) because I had to use all the cute prints, but it would be easy to adapt this pattern to other sizes and she has a pattern for purchase that walks you through doing that if you don’t want to do the quilt math yourself. It went together really easily, and I think looks more complicated than it really was. It’s a great pattern to showcase lots of fun prints.

Ocean Baby Quilt

I’m working on getting better at custom quilting. I like to match thread colors so it’s a bit hard to see, but you can kind of see loops following the white stripes and an echo and inner diamond in the color stripes. Also, those sharks are maybe my favorite guys in the whole quilt!

Ocean Baby Quilt

I used this fun fish print I’ve been hoarding for the back and I love how the colors and theme match perfectly!

Marker Quilt Label

The most nerve-wrecking part was writing on this label after everything was quilted. I tested out a bunch of markers, and ended up using Tulip Fabric Markers for the thick text and a Micron .03 Archival Ink Pen for the thin text.

Ocean Baby Quilt

I’ve loved seeing pictures of him on it occasionally, and hope it gets lots of use!

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