Scalloped embroidery hoops

Have you ever spent hours on an embroidery project and wanted something cuter to put it in than a plain wooden hoop? If you follow me on instagram, you probably know by now that I’ve been making a much more adorable option.

scalloped embroidery hoops

My husband and I bought a 3D printer kit and put it together (over 16 hours) for our anniversary.

3D Printer Build GIF

We’ve been printing a bunch of gadgets downloaded from the internet, but I’m also tinkering with 3D modeling to create my own things. The first such project has been these scalloped embroidery hoops.

Unique Embroidery Hoop

I’ve got them available in a range of colors in my etsy shop here. They come in two sizes – 6″ and 4″. I’m also working on developing teensy ones for necklaces or brooches which will hopefully be available soon!


I love that if you know what you’re looking for, you can tell these are 3D printed instead of manufactured in bulk. The plastic used in the aqua hoops (shown above) is slightly transparent so you can even see the internal structure. There’s lots more info about the hoops (material information, size specs, a video for how to use them, etc.) in each of the listings, like this one.

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