Epic Pi Day Dress

It’s Pi day! Better than that, it’s epic pi day this year! And, of course, I made a dress to celebrate.

Pi Day Dress

Pi is a mathematical constant. You’ve used it in school to calculate things like the circumference or radius of circles. It’s an irrational number, which means that it has an infinite number of digits, but the first few are 3.1415926535… Because my husband and I are giant math nerds (and we love pie), we have a pi day party every year on March 14 (3/14) with plenty of pies, both of the pizza and dessert variety. Since this year is 2015, or 3/14/15, it is the most accurate pi day of our lifetimes. I decided to make a special dress to celebrate!

Pi Day Skirt

I designed the fabric on my computer, complete with a couple of border prints. The first several digits of pi repeat around the skirt hem, and the large pies get smaller towards the top of the skirt. The other fabric edge had a straight line of small pi(e)s, which I used for a waistband and the edges of the sleeves. I got the fabric printed at spoonflower – it’s amazing that you can get anything you want printed on fabric!

Pi Dress Sleeve

The pattern is my beloved Emery dress, again in a size 6. I usually make the bodice about 1.5 inches longer, but this time I kept the pattern bodice length but added a waistband. I also slightly straightened out the hem since my pi digits border was straight.

Dress Specs:
Pattern: Emerey Dress from Christine Haynes
Modifications: added 1″ waistband and straightened skirt hem to accommodate border print
Size: 6
Fabric: pi(e) fabric designed by me, ordered from spoonflower. You can buy it yourself here!

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