Paper Piecing Pattern Store!

One of my favorite sewing projects lately has been something called Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP). Using a printed design on paper as a ‘foundation’, you sew seams through both the paper and the fabric. This allows you to have super precise shapes and points. If you sew with a short enough stitch length, the paper perforates and you can tear it off at the end.

fpp pattern

The super precise shapes and points let you draw all kinds of cool shapes. I really enjoy designing these patterns – it’s kind of like a puzzle! You need to make it recognizable, but still doable. There are lots of things I try to include to make them easier to sew and as beginner-friendly as possible, like avoiding y-seams and minimizing the number of points that you need to put work into lining up.

Left Shark Pillow Pattern

I’ve been making a bunch of these FPP patterns on my own lately, both as personal projects for me and as gifts for other people. I recently invested some time into figuring out how to turn rough patterns that only I could understand into presentable pdfs with instructions for other people to follow, and have put some of these patterns up for sale in a shop hosted at craftsy.

Craftsy Pattern Store

So far I’ve got an assortment of a few patterns, but I’ve got several more I’m working on coming soon! If you follow me on instagram (I’m @stars_sunshine), you’ll see any new patterns I release.

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  1. I think this is so neat. I took a foundation paper piecing class the other day and I really enjoyed it. I like the fact that you can take an image and convert to paper piecing. Thanks for sharing!

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