Munki Munki Dress

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Munki Munki, it is a line of mainly pajamas made with fabric designed by one of my favorite quilting fabric designers, Heather Ross. I love Munki Munki, and I love dresses. So when I saw Munki Munki pajamas sets for sale at TJ Maxx, including one of my favorite prints of these cute little sushi, I bought a pair in my size to wear and a pair in size XL to make a dress out of!

Munki Munki Dress

I even took the Munki Munki tag from the pajamas and sewed it into the dress 🙂

Munki Munki Dress


I thought Munki Munki was usually made with woven fabrics, but this one was a knit. The dress is a sleeveless lady skater dress from Kitschy Coo in size 2.   I had to frankenstein some of the pattern pieces to get them out of the PJs. I managed to get the dress out of one leg of the pants and about half of the top.  There are some odd seams, but the white background grid layout of the fabric made it pretty easy to camouflage these in most cases. You can see them better on the top because they’re on an angle, but both the front and back skirt pieces have seams near the edges of each piece, and you can hardly see them at all.

Sleeveless Lady Skater Dress

I just used white fold over elastic to edge the sleeves and neckline. I underlined the whole dress with some white solid knit fabric, because the sushi fabric was a bit sheer.


ETCH hair pin

I’m also still super loving this hexie hair pin I got from ETCH at a craft fair in Austin.

Munki Munki Dress

Only in Texas is February the right time to make and wear sleeveless dresses!

Dress Specs:
Pattern: Lady Skater dress from KitschyCoo
Modifications: Frankensteined pieces together from pajama pants fabric.
Size: 2
Fabric: sushi knit from pajama pants, underlined with a solid white single knit with similar stretch.



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