An Ah-deer-able Dress

If you don’t know this about me, I love Japan. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Japan for work a few times, but this summer my parents took us around Japan and I got to plan whatever I wanted to do for two weeks (although, less fabric shopping, because my dad and husband were along). It was the best! One of my favorite places in Japan is a town called Nara. Nara has dozens of temples and shrines, and there are tons of deer that roam freely mainly around the large park in town, but also other areas as well. These deer friendly and not afraid of people – they will come up to you, let you pet and hug them, and I’ve seen them inside some of the street shops before. For this trip to Nara, I decided I needed a special dress!

Deer Emery Dress

The pattern is the Emery Dress, by Christine Haynes. Love this pattern! Definitely a new favorite It is simple, comfortable, and lovely (and has pockets, of course!)

Emery Dress Exposed Metal Zipper

I think the deer liked it 🙂 I also got a few comments from people in town from older ladies and young girls – I understand just enough Japanese to tell they thought it was cute and that they liked that I had deer on my dress like the deer in Nara.

Nara Deer Dress

And although I didn’t realize it in advance, it turns out that if you visit Nara in June you can see the baby deer in a special enclosure. They were too cute!

Nara Baby Deer

I also made a cute belt using this simple tutorial from Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons:

Emery Dress with Bow Belt

But I’m not wearing it in most of these photos because after buying some of the deer biscuits and feeding the deer, they nibbled on it some and it got a bit dirtier than I expected (although it washed up just fine!)

Nara Deer Feeding

Dress Specs

Pattern: Emery Dress by Christine Haynes
Size/Pattern Changes: Size 6, lengthened bodice by 1.5″, put in an exposed metal zipper, fully lined the dress, and tapered under-bust darts instead of sewing the straight line triangles.
Fabric: Quilting Cotton – Deer in Black by Copenhagen Print Factory (no longer available in black, but available here in cobalt or red)
Belt: Bow Belt by Tilly and the Buttons (a free pattern!) in a white sateen cotton from a garage sale.

Nara Emery Deer Dress


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