Star Trek Blanket

My husband love, love, loves Star Trek of almost any variety, but The Original Series (TOS) is his favorite. When I was Black Friday shopping at JoAnn’s last year, I found an awesome Star Trek TOS fleece remnant, and decided to make my husband a blanket out of it for Christmas. Since part of their Black Friday sale was 50% off remnants (which are generally already 50% regular price), I got this for 75% off. An entire blanket sized piece (50 by 57) for about $4 – awesome!

star trek blanket front

I was just going to use this red and white flannel for the back, but on December 23rd, I decided I could do something way more awesome. I managed to barely finish it in time to get it under the tree for Christmas!

star trek blanket back

The Star Trek logo is appliqued flannel, but the rest of the letters are all pieced. That means they are all fabric sewn together with seams to make the letters.

star trek blanket letters

I finished it off by ‘quilting’ with a black top thread and red bobbin around some of the black frames on the top. The quilting is pretty hard to see from either side, but that’s what I was going for. I also made some simple binding out of my left over black flannel. We watch a lot of star trek at home (its all on netflix!), and its been great to snuggle under 🙂 If you like star trek too – you should check out the poster we designed for our bathroom here!

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