Stuffed Cupcakes

My new favorite baking trick is making yummy cupcakes even tastier by putting something delicious in the middle.

filled cupcakes

I used this nifty tool from crate and barrel (for under $5!) to make these, and once I figured it out, stuffing the cupcakes was easy-peasy! Once the cupcakes are baked and cooled, you can core them. Start by plunging the tool into the center of the cupcakes. Then, twist back and forth in a circular motion several times. Then when you pull the tool back up from the cupcake, it will leave a nice hole behind! Then press the red plunger on the top, and the cupcake piece will come out and the tool is ready to use on the next cupcake! Cut these cupcake cylinders in about half and keep the top half – we’ll use them later 🙂

Cupcake Coring
Once the cupcakes have this hole in the middle, you can fill them with something delicious. I used eggless cookie dough! Just scoop some out with a spoon, and press inside to fill about half of the cavity.

cupcake filling

After you’ve filled the cupcakes, take the top halves of the cupcake cylinders pulled out when coring the cupcakes, and put them into the holes on top of the filling. Then put some icing on top, and when people bite into the cupcakes they’ll be surprised with a tasty filling! I garnished my cupcakes with mini chocolate chips and some chips ahoy mini chocolate chip cookies 🙂

chocolate chip cookie dough filled cupcakes

I used these recipes from Annie’s Eats for the cupcakes, filling, and frosting. Highly recommended!

4 thoughts on “Stuffed Cupcakes

  1. Ohh wonderful they do work!!!! My BFF hobby is baking, so last Christmas I took a box that held a TV, and filled it (literally to the top) with anything and everything I could find related to cupcakes haha she will never have to buy a cupcake liner again! I saw these and got her one,,but had no idea if they actually worked or not. You would not believe the craziest things you can find related to cupcakes!

    1. Yes, I’m really pleased with how well they work! There are no instructions, and maybe I just missed something obvious, but it took me a while to figure out to twist a bunch before pulling out the middle.

      A cupcake box sounds like such a fun gift!

  2. Oh yesterday I was at the craft store and this kid (ok I am old enough to call you guys kids ok) anywhoooo….his hair almost looked like yours when you dyed it…same colors! I really wanted to look at it..but that would of been odd..he would of thought I was a nut haha

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