Puzzled Hearts Quilt

A couple of our friends got married back in July, and I made them a quilt. I actually got it done reasonably on time (not before the wedding, but at least before they got back from their honeymoon). Each of the colored squares on the front is 3.5″ finished, and the whole quilt is roughly 56×70″ (16×20 squares with 12 hearts)

Wedding Quilt

I had talked with the new Mrs. about colors they’d and we’d decided on greens/blues/purples, and I knew she loved puzzles – and this is what I came up with.

Puzzled Hearts Quilt

At a Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting, I’d completely fallen in love with this quilt and this quilt, and ended up kind of putting them together in the colors we’d chosen.

Puzzled Hearts Wedding Quilt

For the back, I made a giant heart in the same style as the ones on the front, and appliqued their initials and wedding date (kind of like this tree quilt I made for another friends’ wedding)

Puzzle Quilting

I then did all over puzzle style quilting, which was deceptively easy and a very forgiving!

You can see a few more quilts I’ve made here 🙂

4 thoughts on “Puzzled Hearts Quilt

    1. The puzzle stitching is actually the quilting – so you can see it on the front and back in person! It was just hard to show it on the front in photos because of the busier fabrics 🙂

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