Infinity Scarf

One of the gifts I made my sister for Christmas this year was this infinity scarf with some lovely gauzy fabric. Since this was wide fabric (50″ wide, I believe) I was able to make the scarf with just 1/2 yard of fabric. It’s hard to find cottons that wide, but many knits and some apparel fabrics are at least that wide. My process was very similar to this tutorial, but I used a piece of fabric 18″ by 50″ (WOF) and used a ladder stitch for the (very small) hand stitching section so my stitches wouldn’t show as much.

DIY Infinity Scarf

The fabric is from the red tag section at JoAnn’s when they had one of their 50% off red tag prices sales (otherwise, the red tag fabric is really just about the same price as normal fabric with a coupon). It was pretty slippery so it took a bit of finagling to keep straight seams, but it still sewed up very quickly. I’ve got plenty of it left over, so I’m hoping to have time to make one for myself soon!

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