Quidditch T-Shirt

One of my handmade Christmas gifts this year was this T-shirt for my sister’s boyfriend.

Quidditch shirt

He plays quidditch at A&M (thats the game from Harry Potter, but they play it in real life – carrying brooms between their legs, someone is the ‘snitch’, its really a very entertaining game! You can see more on the wikipedia page here). He also drives a stick shift, so I thought it was a cute play on words 🙂

Quidditch shirt design

I actually saw this phrase on a shirt at some kind of craft fair, but it was a strange font and on a weirdly girly sheer shirt, so I decided to make my own. I downloaded the Harry Potter font here, and found a picture of a broom online, then cut this out of heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl (love them! Great customer service, and they frequently send discount codes out to their mailing list) to make the design. I used the siser easyweed transfer vinyl, and am really pleased with how easy it was to use and how professional it looks!

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