Felt Tree Skirt

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for this amazing felt flower tree skirt to finish off your Christmas tree! I shared this as a guest post at Sugar Bee Crafts last week, but wanted to make sure you all saw it here as well 🙂 I saw one similar to this on pinterest last year, and was completely smitten. Unfortunately, it had been $320 and wasn’t even available any longer, so I set out to make my own.

DIY Felt Flower Tree Skirt

Supplies needed:

  • craft felt (I used 2.5 yards for a 36″ wide tree skirt and all the flowers)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread (in same color as felt)
  • fabri-tac or other felt adhesive
  • optional: pearls or beads to decorate flowers

Felt Circle for Tree Skirt

First, you need to figure out how big you want your tree skirt to be. This is for a small area in our house and a relatively small tree, so I only wanted my tree skirt to be 36″ wide. I folded some red felt in quarters, and used a piece of string to make a quarter circle with a radius of 18″. This will actually give you a solid circle piece, so if you want it to fit around your tree you’ll need to cut a smaller hole (mine is about 4″ wide, so 2″ radius) in the middle and a slit from one hole to the other so you can get it around your tree.

Felt Poinsettia Tree Skirt

These flowers are the main awesomeness of this tree skirt. It can take a while to make enough of them for a full tree skirt, but they’re not hard to make. I used two slightly different sizes – a larger size mostly for the outer ring, and the smaller size mostly for the inner ring of flowers.

Poinsettia Petal Template

Each of my felt flowers has three of these felt pieces. You can download a printable template to trace here if you want, or free hand yours based on the shape above. To download the printable template pdf, either click on the image above or click here. It will open up the image in a new window in your browser, and you can right click then ‘save as’ to save it to your computer.

Felt Poinsettia Flower Petals

To make each flower, cut out three petals. Fold the center of each petal in half long-ways, and then fold the edges back up (see right photo above).

Felt Poinsettia Instructions

Then fold each of these petals the other way at the center, so that the two individual petals are next to each other. Sew through the center of three of these a couple times to make each flower, making sure to go through all layers.

Felt Poinsettia flowers for tree skirt

The flowers look nice from both the front and the back – just pick one to use for all your flowers. I chose what I think of as the front – the one on the left in the photo above.  Once you think you may have enough flowers (I used 60!), start arranging them around your tree skirt. I did two overlapping layers, but more could look awesome on a bigger tree skirt.

Hand Made Poinsettia Tree Skrt

Once you have figured out where you want them, it’s time to start attaching them. I started using a needle and thread to attach each one, but that was taking a really long time. I ended up using fabri-tac. It worked great on the felt! I had a couple fall off initially, but just stuck them right back on with fabri-tac. I actually made this skirt last year, and I didn’t have any more of the flowers fall off through presents on the tree skirt, putting it away in storage, and pulling it back out this year.

Handmade Felt Flower Tree Skirt

I also used fabri-tac to stick on little pearls in the middle of each flower. I think it makes them look more festive and a bit more like flowers.

Tree Skirt Buttons

For the edges of the tree skirt, I covered some buttons with the same red felt and sewed on loops of red/white baker’s twine.

DIY Felt Flower Tree Skirt

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  1. Julie, this is simply stunning! I absolutely love it and thank you so much for the fabulous tutorial. I can’t make one this year, but next year, definitely! 🙂 Pinning! Hope you are having a wonderful and merry week!

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