Best Garage Sale Day. Ever.

I generally really enjoy going to garage sales on Saturday mornings, but I’d not been having very good luck lately and hadn’t been in about a month. I went this past weekend though, and I’m so glad I did! I hit probably three of my top five garage sales ever, and found a number of other awesome and cheap finds along the way as well 🙂

Garage Sale Gocco Print Find

One of my first garage sales had a whole stack of gocco supplies. A gocco machine is a japanese self-contained screen printer that can be used for stationary or fabric, or all kinds of other things. I seriously considered getting one for wedding invitations when we were planning our wedding, but because they haven’t been made for quite a while and are awesome, the machines are pretty expensive (~$100). Each design you make also requires some materials that can not be reused (a screen for your design and two bulbs to burn the screen), and those are getting expensive as well. Anyways, the people hosting this garage sale used to sell these machines back when they were being made, and had several of the little machines new and unused for $5 each and a ton of the supplies. When we were there the first time, I didn’t remember quite how much the machines went for on ebay, so I just bought one and enough of the supplies to last me several prints (they had screens, bulbs, pens, and fabric and paper inks). When I looked at the prices online and tested mine out to make sure it worked, we went back and bought the last machine they had and the rest of the supplies. I spent about $40 on the two machines and a ton of bulbs, screens, and inks, but plan to sell one of the machines and a bundle of inks and screens on ebay for around $120. UPDATE: I ended up selling one of the machines ($5) and a handful of duplicate inks and other supplies (~$3) on ebay for $125 with shipping, which after fees like ebay seller fees, shipping, and paypal/credit card fees ended up being around $98!

Aqua Snowflake Pyrex 045

I’ve also recently acquired a love for vintage pyrex – especially anything aqua colored. One of the garage sales I went to later in the morning had this beauty for only $2! It’s a good sized casserole dish (2.5 qt, pyrex 045) and in amazing condition.

Garage Sale Fabric

I also found cute designer-quality fabric and several large embroidery hoops at great prices at a few different sales – this is the pile of fabric I brought home, including that cute print underneath which is going to make an amazing scalloped skirt. Its a total of about 15 yards, and I spent about $13 on it all together.

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