Washi alert!

Are you familiar with washi tape? If you like crafting of almost any sort, you need to be! Washi tape is a type of Japanese tape that is close to masking tape in that it feels mostly like paper on the outside and is removable/adjustable on most surfaces, but it comes in all kinds of pretty colors and patterns.

Washi Tape Rainbow

Most of the time, I can only find washi tape online or actually in Japan (I’ve been lucky enough to have a few business trips to Japan and have seriously stocked up), but office depot now carries a huge selection of washi tape and other pretty masking, packaging, scotch, and duck tapes! Below is just one area of the pretty tape section at the store I found them at in Austin.

Office Depot Washi Tape Display

And here’s what I came home with that trip:

Pretty Tape from Office Depot

This tape can be used for all sorts of crafts. Its great for cards and giftwrap. I’ve seen whole books about ways to use washi tape for gift wrapping! It can also be used to make jewelry, decorate picture frames, hang things on walls, and more. I have a whole pinterest board for washi projects if you want to browse more ideas!

Pinterest Washi Tape Ideas

p.s. office depot and scotch do not know I exist, and I’m certainly not being compensated for this post – I just really love cute tape!

3 thoughts on “Washi alert!

  1. Eeek! I didn’t know that they had this, now I’m going to have to go. I’m late to the washi party, because while I had it, I didn’t want to use it. I’m trying to stop hoarding all my craft supplies though… it’s there to be used, right?!?!

    1. Haha, I know what you mean. I’ll be sharing a garage sale find I turned into washi tape storage soon … and let’s just say I’ve got a bit of a hoarding problem 🙂 I’ve been doing better about actually using it lately, though!

  2. Who knew? I’ve been hearing a lot about Washi tape, but since I haven’t seen it in any of my local stores, I wondered what the craze was about. I’ll have to take a trek to Office Depot and see what I can find. And I’m following your Pinterest board now too. Thanks!

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