Wonky Jewel Stars Quilt

I haven’t posted anything sewing-related here in quite a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any sewing! I’ve made one quilt, started another quilt, made several pillows, and started practicing free motion quilting all in the past couple of months. More on the rest later, but here’s the first quilt. It’s made of lots of wonky stars in jewel tone colors, but with prints in the centers.

2013 04 Steph Quilt 002

The quilt I made was for my sister, Steph. We’d kind of talked about me making a quilt for her before, but I think it was kind of a surprise that she got one now for her birthday. We’d decided that she liked my taste/style enough to completely surprise her with the colors/design, which was pretty scary for me. Quilts are a lot of work, and the idea of giving one to someone that isn’t really their jam – yikes! Anyways, I think she really likes it – crisis averted! The finished quilt fits a full-sized bed nicely.

Wonky Jewel Stars Quilt

I completely stole the idea from here, but only used 4 solid colors. I used 21 prints: 6 purple, 6 navy, 6 green, and 3 gray. There are two stars of each print – 42 blocks total. This was one of my first bigger projects using my much-loved Japanese fabric. Its good that I’ve finally started using it though, because I’ve just gotten back another work trip to Japan right now and bought more fabric this time as well 🙂

Wonky Jewel Star Quilt

The backing fabric is flannel, and is this really fun bold print. I also added a pieced border using all the print fabrics from the quilt top, which was a last-minute addition that I completely love.

3 thoughts on “Wonky Jewel Stars Quilt

  1. It is beautiful and what a work of love! I especially love the fabric on the backing. Also, I think that the last minute edging truly adds so much! I don’t think that you can have too much repetition in quilts. The colors are really fantastic as well. Just superb all the way around!

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