Star Trek Art

My husband is a huge star trek fan, so I’ve gotten to watch a lot of star trek over the past several years (and grown to like it, too!). When I was looking for some art to put in our guest bathroom and wanted something that would look nice in our newly-painted-seafoam room and not be awkward to look at sitting on the toilet (is that weird?), we decided some Star Trek art would be perfect.

Free Star Trex Printable

I put together this print using a nebula photo and the star trek federation logo. I found the frame, which was the perfect size and matches the color of our cabinets in there perfectly, in my frame hoard. I have a hard time saying ‘no’ to inexpensive frames at goodwill and garage sales – at least I’ve been using them (see here and here for more recent projects using my frame stash)!

Seafoam guest bathroom

If you have a trekkie in your house, or are just excited about the new movie (we loved it!), you can download the 16×20 or 8×10 prints in pdf format here and here, respectively. The links above go to google drive  – to download the files, just go to file -> download.

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