Guest Bathroom Makeover

Until recently, our guest bathroom was pretty builder-basic. Beige walls, standard plain mirror, etc. I did already have this awesome shower curtain with penguins with googly-eyes (if you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for penguins), but I’d been wanting to add some personality in there since we moved in. I’ve had a color in mind for years (we already had the towels, as well). Eddie and I finally got around to doing something about it last weekend, and I love it!

Seafoam guest bathroom

I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any before or process photos, but there was nothing amazingly new or creative in here – just some fun updates. We painted the wall a fun seafoam color (Sherwin Williams emerald satin paint color-matched to Behr Botanical Tint). You’d think such a tiny room (5′ x 7.5′, including the shower/mirror/dresser/towel cabinet/medicine cabinet that take up a good chunk of the wall space) would be fast to paint, but with all the edging around those items taking up wall space and some tiny nooks and crannies between them, it took about 5 hours all together (which is still not bad for a paint job, I think).

Penguin Shower Curtain

I did all the cutting in by hand using this brush suggested by Young House Love, which I loved and cost less than $5. It was so much faster than taping for me, and even using fancy tape and all kinds of tricks, I can never seem to get great lines using tape.

Framed Bathroom Mirror

We also framed out our mirror and added a fun star trek design I’d whipped up in photo shop (you can see it in the mirror in the first photo) to add a little bit of a finished touch and some personality. More details on those projects coming soon!

6 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom Makeover

  1. Hi! I am dying to know where you got that penguin shower curtain from. if you can recall, please let me know!
    Beautiful blog btw!

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