New Wall!

I finally got around to putting up some art on a big empty wall in our living room!

Living Room Wall

Here’s a zoomed out picture of the whole wall. To the left is our coat closet and then the front door, and to the right is a window and then the kitchen/eating area. That whole area between the TV and the right of this picture was previously empty, and I’d been meaning to put something there for ages and just never got around to it. Until now!

Living Room Wall

Along with some frames of pictures of our little family and a robot print, the two main pieces are a sign I made and a printer’s tray I’d gotten at a garage sale about a year ago.

I’ve seen this ‘believe there is good in the world/be the good in the world’ quote all over pinterest, and decided I loved it and wanted to make my own version. You can see a tutorial for how I made the sign here!

Wooden printer's tray

I love the look of antique printer’s trays filled with goodies and memorabilia, so was so excited to find one at a garage sale last year. And then … it sat in my garage for a year. womp womp. We finally pulled it out and cleaned off some of the dust and grime with some watered down soap. I put some of our favorite cute and memorable items inside – an L.E.D. serotonin molecule (what makes your brain feel happiness!) that was one of the first things I made my husband when we were dating, some tiny penguins I’d collected over the years, some shells we collected on our honeymoon, and more. We still have lots of gaps to fill in, but I can’t wait to pick up some new treasures and have a place to display them!

11 thoughts on “New Wall!

  1. Oh, I love it!!! It looks fabulous. I especially love the printer tray. That would be perfect for the little things we’ve had stored in a drawer. I tried looking them up but I just get regular printers in the results.

  2. Oh, I love those printer’s drawers!
    My mom has something similar (so, no real printer’s drawer, and smaller than the original ones…) and I had that one in my room when I was little – it was filled with a lot of memories, like stones and shells and other things from vacations and walks… To tell the truth: I don’t know, why it’s not on my wall anymore!
    It’s such a great place to keep memories!
    It will be great to see for you if your’s filling up over time!

    Love, Midsommarflicka

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