Paper Dahlia

Dahlias are my very favorite flower. I love their colors and the shape of their petals – they just always look so happy! When I saw this awesome dahlia wreath, I immediately fell in love and knew I needed one for my own door.

Paper Dahlia Flower Wreath


**UPDATE** It is now almost August, and this wreath has been on my door 24/7 for more than three months. That includes several huge thunderstorms, but even with our tiny front porch the wreath looks exactly as it did in these photos. It’s held up fantastically!

I’m just posting a few step-by-step photos because Talitha at Love, Pomegranate House has a great tutorial for this simple flower here. If you haven’t visited her blog, you should! She has gorgeous pictures and lots of fun projects 🙂

Paper Dahlia Supplies

I actually found I got better results if I used different sized pieces of paper for different sized petals – I used 1/4 sheet 8.5″x11″ paper (4.25″x5.5″) for each of the darkest petals, 1/6 sheet 12″x12″ paper ( 4″x6″) paper for the outer row of medium petals, 1/9 sheet 12″x12″ paper (4″x4″) for the inner row of medium petals, and 4″x4″ squares for the inner petals.

Paper Dahlia FlowerI kept even my outer ring of petals as close together as I could, and tried to line up each row such that the points of that row lined up with the middle of the previous row’s petal opening. To hang, I used a loop of ribbon on the back and a 3M hook on my front door.

Wreath Hanger

And here’s our front door. We also just redid the areas on both sides of our walkway. Before we had just grass on the side next to the house and some plants on other side, so I’m really excited for it to be a bit more balanced out. We’re still planning to plant some flowers in between the bushes and the walkway, but we haven’t decided what to put there yet.

Dahlia Door Wreath

67 thoughts on “Paper Dahlia

  1. Dahlia is my granddaughter’s name, wouldn’t this be great to greet her when she comes to visit?

    1. I just love this wreath, but need more detail… like do u just twist the bottom, do u glue? what length is each row? are they all glued down in the center?? could u help me please….. it is so beautiful but i don’t have enough instruction to work with… thanks..

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    1. Miss Snarky Pants,

      I used the cheapest cardstock I could find at the local craft store. If it’s just going to be inside, I think a lightweight paper like scrapbook paper, construction paper, or even newspaper or book pages would be great. I hung mine outside for several months through humidity, rain (a slightly covered porch, but I’m sure it got misted during hard rains), and the elements, so I went with cardstock and it held up beautifully – I need to put it back on the door now that its spring again!


      1. Thank you. Actually, we have three doors that are partially-glass – and a lot of neighbors – so I was thinking of making three. All three doors are beneath a porches, two of them quite deep. I’m in Florida, so we’ve had crazy rain all winter and NOW we’re going into thunderstorm season, so these wreaths will definitely be well-misted. I also thought about re-interpreting this design using felt, since it would be sturdy – especially with a coat or two of poly. Anyway, I love your craft ideas and the manner in which you improve other people’s projects with your ingenuity. Also, love your blog’s look; you possess a real eye for color and design. I’ve been spreading the word about your blog and will be adding you to my blogroll! Thanks, again. MSP

  3. My mother first made a Christmas wreath like this back in the 1960’s. It was made from some sort of data card that had machine punch-outs in it. She sprayed the wreath red and, with those punch-outs, it made a beautiful wreath for the front door. Brings back wonderful memories.

  4. Hi, this is absolutely beautiful! I am so in love I MUST make one for my apartment sometime this week. Following the instructions you posted with those sizes of paper, how many of each color did you use to make your design? I would like to make the same type of design with the three colors but I am not sure how many pieces of card stock to buy of each! It seems that the outer darker layer would need less pieces than the inner…but I don’t want to get all the supplies and then not have enough of something! It is tooooo beautiful.

    1. Aw, thanks so much! There are 21 petals of the darkest color, which are each 1/4 sheet, so you’d need 6 sheets (8.5×11) of the outside color. There are 24 petals of the middle color, which are each 1/6 sheet, so you’d need 4 sheets (12×12) of the middle color. There are 10 petals of the lightest color, plus 3 tiny petals, which should be about 2 pieces of paper (8.5×11) in the lightest color. So, 6 8.5×11 sheets of the darkest color (or roughly 4 sheets of 12×12), 4 12×12 sheets of middle color, and you 2 12×12 or 8.5×11 sheets of the lightest color. I’d get a bit of extra, though!

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