Yarn Ball Shadowbox

One of the projects I made for our new photo ledge in our bedroom was this yarn ball shadow box frame.

Yarn Ball Shadowbox

I saw this on pinterest (if you use pinterest, follow me here!)one day, and knew I wanted to make it for our bedroom. For right now I just used navy and white yarn I had purchased for other projects, but I’m planning to add in some other colors in the future. Making the yarn balls just from yarn sounded like a waste of yarn and seemed like it would be hard for me to keep them circular, so I used some magazine pages as the centers.

Crumpled Magazine Page Yarn Balls

I just cut some magazine pages in half 3 times (to divide the page into 8 pieces), crumpled them up into a ball, and then wrapped the yarn around them until they were covered. Once the magazine page was covered, I cut the yarn and tucked the ends under some of the yarn wraps to keep them tidy and in place. They didn’t all end up the same size, but I’m actually quite happy to have a range of sizes because it makes arranging them more organic and less like assigning colors to pixels in a grid. I found that I got a good size for the thickness of my frame by cutting the page into 8 pieces.

For now I put a heart together, but I’m excited to periodically change them out in different designs (an ‘E’ for our last name, polka dots, chevron, etc.) and add in some other colors when I have an excuse to buy some yarn in the other colors I’m hoping to bring into our predominantly navy and white room 🙂

DIY Giant Ikea Photo Ledge

You can see my initial post about the photo ledge we made for our bedroom (along with several links to tutorials for the other hand-made projects I’ve made for our bedroom!) here.

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