DIY Photo Ledge Reveal

Since we finished making the tufted headboard for our master bedroom, I’ve known I wanted to add something above it. I love these picture ledges from IKEA, but they only come in 21″ and 45″, and I wanted something at least 6′ long. I figured that for not much more than the cost of the IKEA ones (in lumber, at least), I could make my own giant picture ledge!

DIY Giant Ikea Photo Ledge

It is actually a ledge with a lip (just like the IKEA ones), which you can see a bit better from this angle:

DIY Photo Shelf

I filled it with a combination of things I already had around the house and a few projects I made just for this ledge. I’ll be sharing tutorials for making the ledge and a few of the projects you see here over the next few weeks, and I’ll update this page with links to those tutorials.

Stenciled watercolor canvas

Yarn Scrap Art

I love how flexible decorating this shelf is! Other than the projects I made just for this ledge, the accessories will probably rotate and change out.

monogram and card

The card above is one I made for Eddie for Valentine’s Day last year. Our bedroom was pretty much only navy and white, but I’ve been wanting to add in some lighter blues, greens, and purples so this has been a really fun place to start doing that. I’ve got some fun fabric set aside for decorative pillows for our bed too 🙂

photo ledge and accessories

What you can’t see very in these photos is that my ceilings are 10′ tall, and even the highest things on this ledge only come up to maybe 7.5′, so I need to add some hanging art over the ledge at some point too. Lots of work left to do in our bedroom, but this shelf is a big step in bringing in some fun art 🙂

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