Heart Garland

I found this on pinterest the other day, and loved it. It didn’t come with a tutorial, but I figured out how to make them on my own.

Paper Heart Garland

All you need is some colorful paper – I used a few sheets of Valentine’s day-ish paper. Cut them into 1″ strips. You’ll need to cut these into different lengths to make these hearts. I experimented with different sized strips, and decided I liked the following the best: 2″, 3.5″, 4.25″, and 5″. You’ll need two of each length for each heart. You can double them up if you want color on both the inside and outside of your hearts, but I was happy with color on just the outside.

Paper Bunting Tutorial

To make the hearts, start by layering the strips in this order: 5″, 4.25″, 3.5″, 2″, and then repeat backwards (see below picture). If you’re doing color on just the outside, you need the colored sides facing inwards for the all the strips except the 2″ ones.

Paper Heart Garland Tutorial

Make sure all the strips line up at one end, and staple them in the center.

Paper Heart Garland Tutorial

Then wrap the three longer strips around on each side, and slide them so that the ends all line up together.

Paper Heart Garland Tutorial

Place another staple here to finish the heart.

Paper Heart Garland Tutorial

Then just take some twine or thread and a sharp needle, and string them all together through the 2″ strips to hang them all together.

DIY Paper Hearts

The original source for this garland here had these at a birthday party, and I think they’d be great for all kinds of occasions even though they’re hearts. They come together really fast too – so you could even whip one up for a date night.

DIY Valentines Decor

I made these for my Valentine’s mantle this year – you can see details on the rest of it and links to a couple other tutorials for my display here.

I’ve been really into garland and bunting in all forms lately – I’d love for you to share your favorite with me in the comments below!

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