Valentine’s Paint Chip Art

One of my (free!) projects for Valentine’s Day this year was this fun paint chip art. Ombre/gradients are still one of my favorite looks, and paint chips make this super easy!

Paint Swatch Heart Decor

Want to make one of your own? This was super fast so you still have time to make one before the 14th – or you could do it in any other color for another holiday! Maybe green with shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day? Eggs on pastels for Easter? Trees on green for Christmas? So many options!

What you’ll need:

  • A gradient paint chip. I used a Behr one from Home Depot because it was exactly the size/shape/gradient I wanted! Mine is 150B, with colors pink eraser, cheery, fire cracker, and poinsettia.
  • Some white paper
  • A 5×7 frame (I used an Ikea Ribba one)
  • A craft cutter (i.e. Silhouette), exacto knife, or craft punch

I put together a little file in the Silhouette computer program to cut out some randomly placed hearts over where the paint chip would be (it’s not exactly 5″x7″, so there is some extra white space with no hearts), and a 5×7 rectangle around them. If you want my .studio file for this project, you can get it here.

heart paint chip .studio file

I cut this out of some white paper, then stuck the paint chip on the back with some tape. Set this in the frame, and you’re done! I ended up using some of the left over cut-out hearts by taping them around another frame – you can see both of them (and links to some other project tutorials!) in my post about my Valentine’s mantle here.

DIY Valentines Decor

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