Christmas Mantle

One last Christmas post: my Christmas ‘mantle’. I decided to go with red, aqua, and white for Christmas decorations this year. Nothing too complicated on my mantle, and since its also almost a month after Christmas, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Red, Aqua, and White Christmas Mantle

I made several cones in different sizes with cereal boxes and posterboard, and then covered them with a variety of craft materials (pipe cleaners, fabric, wrapping paper, feather boa, bead garland, tinsel trim, etc.) I had several more notions set aside for making into trees, but didn’t get around to them. The other big items are the stockings and nativity frames. I made the stockings from some felt, but they’re not actually done yet so I’ll probably share more info about them next year (I love Eddie’s robot!). For the nativity frames, I purchased three frames from goodwill, spray painted the frames black, and cut out some vinyl nativity shapes (all from the online silhouette store for a total of $1.50) to stick on the glass panes.

If you’re interested in holiday decorating, you can see my Halloween mantle here. I’m working now on putting some stuff together for Valentine’s day – which is fun because the color red and hearts are two of my favorite things 🙂

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  1. Sew Mama is so wonderful. I love this post even though it is after Christmas. You could sell these projects or save a lot of money not buying decorations or give them as gifts.

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