Lampshade Monogram

Remember these lamps I made for our master bedroom? They just got a little more exciting 🙂

DIY Vinyl Lamp Monogram

This was a super easy project! All you need is a lampshade and small scraps of vinyl and contact paper. A craft cutter (i.e. Cricut) makes this a really fast project, but an exacto knife would work as well.

DIY Vinyl Lampshade Monogram

First, type up your monogram (or pull up whatever graphic/text you want) and cut it out of the vinyl – but make sure you have a mirror image of whatever design you want. I used the font Lucida Handwriting for mine. If you’re using a craft cutter and have never cut vinyl with it, you want to cut through the vinyl itself but not the backing paper. Google can help you figure out how to set this up 🙂 Then weed the vinyl (peel off the background around your design) and place the contact paper on top (it should look like the picture above). Note – you can reuse the contact paper, like if you happen to be making two lamps (I did my monogram on my lamp and my husband’s on his). Then peel off the backing paper from the vinyl and stick the vinyl + contact paper onto the inside of the lamp. Remove the contact paper (this can be tricky depending on what surface you’re applying it to – if the vinyl sticks to the contact paper, just lay it back down and rub it down with your fingernail, then try again), and you’re done!

DIY Hidden Lampshade Monogram

If you paid attention to the pics in my previous lamps post, you may notice something new in my bedroom in that last shot. More info on that project coming soon!

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