Closet Organization!

I’ve gotten a real cleaning/organizing bug over the past month or so, and finally got around to cleaning out and organizing the closets in our guest bedroom and study. I’ve been meaning to do it since we moved in almost two years ago, and I’m so excited to finally have gotten it done. Our guest bedroom closet was shelved out as a bedroom closet, but we really use it more as a storage area for stuff that doesn’t fit in our kitchen. We decided it was about time to install some shelving that would make the space more productive for us.

We couldn’t find shelves as wide as we wanted (16″ deep), so bought some whitewood 1x8s and cut them to size. We screwed the shelves together with brackets and painted them white to match the closet. We just installed them with some brackets from home depot, and now have much better storage for whatever we want to keep in there, and still some room to hang clothes if our guests want to.

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