Scripture Art Round 2

One of my first blog posts was some scripture art I’d put together for my house. I still love how they look, but my original plan was to make some more and periodically rotate verses. Well just over a year later, I finally put together another batch.

galatians 5 scripture art printabledownload pdf

psalms 118  scripture art  printabledownload pdf

romans 5  scripture art  printabledownload pdf

nahum 1  scripture art  printabledownload pdf

john 6  scripture art  printabledownload pdf

If you want to print any of these for personal use, right click on the link below each picture and select ‘save as’ to download the pdf. The pdf is sized to be printed on normal 8.5×11 paper and has gray cutting guidelines for putting in an 8″ square frame. You can view the 5 I made last time here.

If you have any favorite verses, I’d love to hear them!

5 thoughts to “Scripture Art Round 2”

  1. Hi – I really like these printables! Would it be possible for you to take the boarder off of them? I’d like to print them and put them in a frame, but the boarder prevents that. Thanks!!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest. Can I tell you how much I love these bible verse printables? And your blog is super cute too! Thanks so much for making them available for free download. I’m taking them to camp to decorate the cabin walls for my girls!

  3. Thank you so much for printable scripture! I opened a Mission boutique and He desires scripture posted at the entrance! God Bless

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