Homemade Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

In the past couple years, a couple dozen or so self-serve frozen yogurt places have popped up around College Station. They’ve become my favorite go-to treat, and one time I was there recently I found a new favorite – raspberry frozen yogurt with chocolate chip cookie dough. Yum! Unfortunately, it turns out it is one of their rotating flavors, and the next few times I went back they didn’t have any. I decided that since we got an ice cream maker for our wedding, I could make it myself!

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

After searching a few frozen yogurt recipes on pinterest, I settled on this:


  • 12 oz. fresh or frozen raspberries (or any other fruit of choice)
  • 12 oz. greek yogurt
  • 7 oz. sweetened condensed milk

I blended the raspberries with the condensed milk, then mixed that into the greek yogurt by hand. I plopped all this into the ice cream maker for about half an hour. It was delicious straight out of the ice cream maker, but I let (most of) it harden some more in the freezer over night.

Homemade Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

I brought what was left of the frozen yogurt to a church small group event, and it got great reviews. I also made eggless cookie dough (safe to eat without cooking!) chunks I made by following the cookie dough filling recipe here (bonus – sweetened condensed milk comes in 14 oz. cans, and this used up the other 7 oz.). It was at least as delicious as normal cookie dough, and so good with the frozen yogurt!

7 thoughts on “Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

  1. This literally made my mouth water!! Just the little linky made me want to break out the ice cream maker! I will be trying this!


  2. I have never heard of this combination, but sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing with us @ Toot Your Horn Tuesday…I might just have to try it out for myself 😉


  3. I am featuring this on my “12 Great Ice-cream Recipes” round up post……..Thanks for sharing it @ CountryMommaCooks Link and Greet Party……..have a great week end!

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