Flower Thumb Tacks

I’ve been working lately on making my office-cubicle-space a little bit happier. I already shared the paper sorter I made from cereal boxes. Today, I’m sharing some thumb tacks I prettied up with some resin flowers.

Blue Resin Flower Thumb Tacks

I got a silicone mold a while back from etsy to make these super cute dahlia/chrysanthemum cabochons. When I got the mold, I used it to make some earrings out of clay. This time, I used resin to make the flower cabochons. I used three different resin dyes – an opaque white, transparent blue, and transparent green – to make a range of slightly different colored push pins.

Resin Supplies for flower cabochons

Since my mold only has three flower spaces and they take at least 12 hours to harden, I could only make three pins at a time.  That made this project take several days, but it wasn’t much time each day. To make each set of flowers, I mixed the resin according to directions on the box (follow them exactly even if they seem tedious!) using a food scale to ensure even quantities of resin and hardener. For each batch, I mixed up about 10 oz. of resin which was more than enough. I then added a few drops of dye, and poured the resin into the mold. I did lots of shaking/taping the mold (carefully to avoid spilling!) to release any bubbles formed in the fairly intricate mold. You can tell that some of the earlier ones I made have several bubbles on the petals – lots of tapping the mold helps get rid of these. You can also find perfect already made ones on etsy – just search for ‘resin flower cabochons’ under supplies.

Resin Chrysanthemum Cabochons

Then just set it aside to dry overnight, and popped them out it the morning.

Flower Thumb Tack Supplies

Once I had my flowers, I just superglued them onto plain silver pushpins. Easy-peasy!

Blue Resin Flower Thumb Tacks

And here there are holding up some of my favorite pictures in my office! They sure brighten up my day at work 🙂

DIY Thumb Tack Photo Wall

33 thoughts on “Flower Thumb Tacks

  1. These sure are pretty and would be such a sweet thing to make for someone. What a great color they are too. Who wouldn’t like some of these?! I found your post at Too Much Time.
    Hope you’ll stop over and visit at Quirky Vistas sometime!

  2. I love the blue theme, feels like the ocean is near. I did something similar, except I went to our Thrift Store and used earings and buttons instead. They have some really different things there that you could use to glue to the top of the pins.

  3. These are so cool – love that you molded them yourself! You’ve been featured at this week’s Craftastic party – stop by and grab a Featured On button. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)

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