Surprise Lunch Message

I’ve been packing lunches for Eddie lately. I saw a neat idea for sending bananas in lunches via pinterest, and decided to try it out!

secret lunch message for bananas in packed lunches

All you need are a banana and a pointed-but-not-too-sharp object. The website above suggests using a toothpick, but I had better results using a mechanical pencil with no lead – just the plastic tip. You want to press hard enough to leave an indention, but not break the skin.

The top picture was really hard to take – it really is hard to see when you first ‘write’ on the banana. By the time your spouse/child/whoever you pack lunches for gets lunch, a nice, dark message has developed.

Some science fun – you know how banana skins get brown spots as they ripen? This is because of oxidation that occurs naturally as and is sped up when the skin or the whole banana is bruised. Bruising causes the banana to emit an enzyme called polyphenoloxidase which speeds up oxidation, and is the same enzyme that causes the brown color in coffee and tea! Basically, indenting the skin causes the same brown as those brown spots, only faster and exactly where you tell it to! This is not the same as rotting, and does not affect the part of the banana you eat underneath the skin.

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    1. Actually, the skin is turning brown as a result of oxidation – it is not becoming rotten, and this only affects the banana peel – not the part of the banana you eat.

  1. What a sweet idea. I absolutely love it. I am excited to be able to stick notes in the kids lunches when they start school. This is just so clever.

  2. Super cute! My hubby takes bananas all the time, I am definitely doing this tomorrow! Oh orrrr… I can write on them tonight when everyone goes to bed and wake up in the morning and try to convince the family that the bananas are trying to talk to us!

  3. I love this! My mom used to leave “draw” hearts and smiley faces inside our PB&J sandwiches (into the PB side). Can’t wait till my kiddo is old enough to do all these fun things for!

  4. This is soo much fun!! I’m going to try it tomorrow in my daughter’s lunch!

    Thanks so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!!

  5. This is super sweet! I’m sure anyone you pack lunch for would enjoy receiving a secret message! Found you on Happy Hour Projects; drop by for a visit when you can. Tx

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