Baby Quilt

Friends of ours in Austin just had a baby last week! I’d made them a super simple baby quilt, and since we were in town to celebrate my sister’s birthday, we got to drop it off in person and see the baby (who is seriously one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen) at only three days old.

Baby Quilt

From the mom’s own blog and her pinterest nursery board, I knew she loved gray and white chevron and had pinned this fabric. For the quilting, I stitched down the centers of some of the stripes (with white thread on both white and gray stripes). I’ve only just now realized this is two chevron quilts in a row, but they were both because the people I was making them for liked chevron separately.

Baby Quilt Back

I’d been eyeing this super cuddly minky fabric at JoAnn’s with these adorable whales for months, just trying to come up with an excuse to buy some. When Eddie and I decided we wanted to make a quilt for this baby, I knew I wanted to use this for the back. It is so, so soft! I also love the seafoam green color with the gray and white on the front.

Baby Quilt Front

The quilt is roughly 2.5′ by 4′. I machine sewed on the binding using the plaid scottie’s tutorial to make sure it would be durable.

41 thoughts on “Baby Quilt

  1. Oh, WOW! That is gorgeous! I’m sure she will absolutely love it! I’m so impressed; I’m intimidated by quilting, but yours is just so fabulous. I’m thrilled that you shared this at Shine on Fridays!!

    1. Yes – can’t believe I didn’t mention this (will probably edit the post). I used flannel instead of batting because I wanted it to be usable for most of the year here in Texas – we have summer about 10 months of the year! It made for a reasonably thin blanket, even with the minky, that feels quite nice.


  2. I’m obsessed with chevron right now too, in fact, my blog background is grey and white chevron just like your quilt! They are definitely going to love it. I would like to make something like this for myself as a throw for the couch.

  3. It is perfect! The only thing I don’t like about quilts, especially for babies, is that they’re not often SOFT! This looks like it solves that problem. Beautiful!

  4. Love your color/pattern choices! Very cute 🙂 Visiting from Girlish Whims party.

    have a great week!

    Lauren @summit street joy

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