Ocean Chevron Quilt

Two of our friends from our church small group are getting near Houston this weekend. Because they’ll have to get lots of stuff back from Houston after the wedding, we decided to give them their wedding gift early. Which means I can post pictures of it here now!

Ocean Chevron Quilt Front

I love the colors together – the crisp white ‘stripes’ and the blues and greens – which I realized after making it remind me of different colors you can find in oceans and lakes. For quilting, I just echoed one side of each of the colored zig-zag stripes.

Ocean Chevron Quilt

This is the biggest quilt I’ve made yet (it’s about 3.5′ by 5′)! This was also maybe the easiest pieced quilt top I’ve put together (or maybe I’m just getting used to it?). I followed the tutorial here. This may be obvious, but I would not suggest using a striped fabric for this pattern. I tried one, but since the blocks don’t actually meet up at the chevron points it just didn’t look very nice. Small-scale prints and prints with the same horizontal and vertical symmetry help the chevron ‘stripes’ look like one piece.

Folded Ocean Chevron Quilt

To help make sure I sewed the pieces together in the right places (all though I still messed up a couple and got to bring out my old friend Mr. Seam Ripper) and decide what order I wanted the colored ‘stripes’ to go in, I tried out using flannel as a design wall which I’d read about on a few other quilting blogs. I got a 2 yard piece of flannel at JoAnn’s on a really good sale  – which worked out much better than I’d even hoped. I just pinned the flannel to an empty wall in the guest bedroom, and used it to layout my quilt blocks to make sure I got the chevrons right before sewing everything together. Just lay the fabric pieces on the flannel and smooth them on – they stay fabulously and then come right back off. It was like magic.

32 thoughts on “Ocean Chevron Quilt

  1. Great quilt!! I am a quilter too, and Mr. Seam Ripper and I?? Also very close friends!! Thanks for the tip about striped fabric too, wouldn’t have thought about that I’m sure!!


  2. I LOVE the colors and chevron pattern of your quilt. Beautiful! Also, thanks for linking to the tutorial that you followed…added to my long, long list of To Do Projects 🙂

  3. You can never go wrong with chevron. You did a BEAUTIFUL job. I am sure this will be very treasured!

    amy @ whilewaeringheels.blogspot.com

  4. I really love this quilt, and I’m not typically into chevrons. The colors are fantastic, and with the stark white it’s so nautical and trendy. Great Job!

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