Rainbow Headphones

Look at my new rainbow earbuds!

Perler beads on earbuds cord

I used to love perler beads when I was little. You know, those round plastic beads you laid out on white boards with pegs to hold the plastic beads, then ironed them and the melted together and you had a little piece of pixelated plastic art?

Perler Beads Heart{via flickr}

My parents were cleaning out their house, and wanted to get rid of our old perler beads. I took them instead, and used some of them to decorate my earbuds as I’d seen here.

All I needed was an exacto knife, some perler beads, and earbuds (or any similar diameter wire/cording). I sliced a line down each bead from top to bottom with the exacto knife, opened them up with a fingernail, and slipped them onto my earbud cord. They fit just perfectly and slide up and down. I didn’t fill up all the space between the headphone jack and where the two wires split so that there would be some room for them to bend so I can still wrap them up to put in my purse.

Perler beads on earbuds cord

Not only are they newly rainbow colored, but the pieces that go into my ears have penguins on the outside! They were a Christmas present from my parents (thanks, mom & dad!)

Penguin earbuds!

13 thoughts on “Rainbow Headphones

  1. This is great 🙂 I loved those beads as a kid, when my Dad travelled on business to the States he would bring me some home. I also got some funky headphones for xmas, mine are yellow rubber ducks….so cool!! xox

  2. Thanks soooo much for posting this, I saw a girl sporting this idea and since them I’ve been trying to figure out how to accomplish this!!! Such a wonderful artistic touch:)

  3. How freakin’ awesome is this! Thanks for sharing! Will surely have to do this to mine! I’m your newest follower via GFC & RSS Feed.

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