Fabric Bookshelf

We had a family friend take care of our dog while we were on vacation last weekend, and I wanted to make her something to say ‘Thanks!’ She loves reading and has a kindle, so I thought I’d make her a case for it roughly using this tutorial from Don’t Call Me Betsy as the main part of the case. More on the case later, but this is the block I made to go on the outside:

fabric bookshelf quilt block

To make something the right diensions for the kindle case I had in mind, I just sketched out a layout on a piece of cardboard the same size as my desired final dimensions and then roughly cut the fabrics to those sizes. I think both the leaning book on the far right and the book with stripes (4th from the left) really helped it look like a bookshelf and not a stack of rectangles.

7 thoughts on “Fabric Bookshelf

  1. Oh, I love the idea of using Elizabeths tute for a Kindle cover! 🙂 Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!

  2. What a wonderful gift idea and I really like the design/colors. I just received my first Kindle earlier this month as an anniversary present from my DH. This cover is so much nicer than the store bought covers. I’m primarily a quilter but I also do some other sewing, purse making, crocheting and kniting too. So many things I want to do and only one life to do it all in. I’m now starting to learn to make some jewerly now as well. I like your blog and I’m enjoying browsing through it. I’m learning here and getting some great inspiration from your posts. Thank you for taking time to post all these wonderful things you are making. I know it takes effort to do so and may God bless you for making the effort.

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