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One of my favorite things I’ve seen a lot of on pinterest that I hadn’t been aware of previously is just how much effort some people put into making their food lovely. I don’t mean typical restaurant presentation type stuff – I mean really creative ways to make ordinary food look like something else. You can check out my pinterest board with my favorite lovely edibles here.

This one is my absolute favorite:

Wall-E Bento Food
{Description and More Pictures Here}

There’s a whole art of turning food into pictures called bento (using only edible food!). Check out the website above or search ‘bento’ on google or flickr – there are some pretty impressive bento works of art. Also, I love Wall-E.

There are some that are fairly healthy (and would be great for kids!)

Apple Heart Cutouts
{Source Here}

Cute Babybel Cheese Ladybug
{Description Here}

And then there are some that aren’t healthy at all, but just too cute to pass up!

Heart Cupcake
{Tutorial Here}

Penguin Icebox Cookies
{Tutorial Here}

Pancake Lacy Art
{Source Here}

Hope you enjoyed these and were maybe even inspired to try something yourself! You can check out my whole pinterest board of cute food here.

Have you ever made food to look like something else or have a cute surprise inside? Would your kids love treats like this? Do you have other adorable things to share?

I’ll be sharing this at some of these places.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Roundup – Cute Food

  1. My daughter is making her bedroom furniture from pallets at this very moment…darn Pinterest. We’re both addicted and it’s driving my poor husband crazy. We’ve broken one saw and dropped his hammer in a gallon of paint. We baked the brownies with the Oreos in the center too…warning-Pinterest makes you fat. Love your blog!

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