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As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve recently learned how to crochet. So far, I’m totally loving it – its relaxing and a great activity for car rides/planes/watching TV shows with the hubby. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite inspiring crochet projects from pinterest that make me want to improve my skills, including what made me want to learn to crochet in the first place. You can view my entire pinterest crochet board here.

This is where it all started:

{Etsy store listing}

I am so in love with this ‘megadoily’ rug. My crocheting so far has basically been practice for trying to make one of these in the future.

And a few more fun projects:

{Tutorial Here}

I think this trim would add a lovely handmade touch to any of several items – I plan on trying it out in the next couple weeks.

{Etsy Listing Here}

I love doilies, but at first I had a hard time coming up with a good way to display them. I think these pillows are great.

{Tutorial Here}

These snowflakes are another great take on traditional doilies. I think they would make amazing christmas tree ornaments or decor.

{Flickr Photo Here}

Amigurumi is another adorable crochet project. This tree is so, so cute.

{Tutorial Here}

This amigurumi pi sign is so cute and nerdy – two of my favorite things. (Side note – we had table numbers at our wedding, and one of them was pi!)

{Tutorial Here}

One thing I would have never though about myself is crochet jewelry, but look how lovely and sophisticated this necklace looks!

As usual, you can browse the rest of my pinterest crochet board here with lots of other lovely project ideas and tutorials. If you liked this post, you can find more pinterest roundups here.

I’m sharing this at some of these places.

Which of these is your favorites? Have you done anything similar? Do you have any other fun crochet projects to share?


14 thoughts on “Pinterest Roundup – Crochet

  1. I remember making long beaded crochet necklaces when I was a young girl. It was the 70s. I wore a fringed vest. What can I say? Love that you had pi as a table number at your wedding. That is SO COOL. Wonderful finds – I’m especially drawn to the snowflakes.

  2. Oh, that fun rug is fabulous. You’ve put together a fun crochet round up. I dabble occasionally, but nothing really spectacular. The necklace is also really pretty.

  3. Now this is absolutely Beautiful. I myself don’t know how to crochet, But every year I have asked for a crocheted blanket to fit my queen size bed for Christmas. I’m showing the family this– hint hint…

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