TOMS Repair

I got a pair of TOMS sometime last February (about 5 months ago), and I wear them all. the. time. To work, to school, going out, even to church sometimes. They’re super comfortable and have held up well for the most part, but I’ve started getting some holes in over my big toes. My left one was much worse, but I’d already fixed it before I thought anyone else might be interested enough for me to blog about it. Here’s the right one with the hole in it:

toms hole
I’d tried just sewing the hole closed before, but it came back out in about a week. This time, I sewed the hole closed, and then sewed a patch of fabric into the inside of the shoe where the hole was. I’d been dreading doing this thinking it would be so hard, but it really wasn’t that bad, and I had both of them done in about 20 minutes.

I just used plain sewing thread. For both sewing the hole closed and sewing in the patch, I started on the inside of the shoe and used a quilter’s knot to hide the knot at the end – but pulled through all layers instead of burying the knot inbetween layers in a quilt. This is basically tying a knot past where you want the last stitch to go, then making a quick tug motion to pull the knot through all layers. (more help here, if anyone’s interested). This was much easier than it sounded, and I had no problem with the canvassy toms fabric.

TOMS patching

To sew the patch inside, I cut a 1″ by 2″ scrap of fabric matching my shoes, pressed it into the inside of the shoe, and stitched around the edges. I used short stitches on top so they wouldn’t be noticeable, and long stitches on the bottom, which is fine. I did a running stitch (also described here – I’ve been doing a lot of hand quilting lately so thinking of things in those terms :P) so I never had to try to insert the needle from inside the shoe. I found it easiest to hold the shoe as above: so I could feel/guide the needle from the inside of the shoe and feel where the patch was to sew around its edge.

They end up feeling just as comfy, and looking much, much better. I think the stitching is hard to notice if you’re not looking for it – which is certainly better than my toe and whatever color nail polish I’m wearing sticking out through my shoe!

TOMS repaired

Speaking of TOMS, I’ve totally crushing on these wrap boots. Does anyone else have/love a pair of TOMS? Do you like the plain ones like mine, or the fancy exciting ones instead?

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  1. Mine look exactly like yours, hole in the big toe. Thank you for posting this blog! I will definitely fix mine now. And yes I am obsessed with Toms and so is my hubby. I am saving all the flags that come in the boxes to make some sort of throw blanket for him. I have my eye on the gold sparkly ones next! thanks!

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