Gray Skirt

I have a work conference coming up soon, and decided I needed some more professional attire-type clothes. Instead of going out and buying something (since that is both expensive and about a 40 minute drive from the town we’re in for the summer) I decided to make myself a quick skirt using Butterick pattern B5619. I made the skirt partially visible from the bottom right picture. A side note about patterns: I get mine from JoAnn’s. Yes, their list price is usually fairly expensive (around $15). But! Patterns from various brands regularly go on sale for $1 or $2 each. I’ll either pay attention to the sales fliers I get in my email or if I’m stopping by one day and see some are on sale, I’ll stop and look through the pattern book and pick some out that I think I may want to use in the future. Then, whenever I want to make a skirt or dress or whatever, I already have a few patterns to choose from that I got for super cheap.

Butterick B5619 Sportswear PatternDoes anyone else think its strange that they call professional attire patterns ‘sportswear’ and lump them in the same section of the pattern books with patterns for things like clothes you would wear while doing sports type activities?

It was a super simple pattern and came together in about an hour – from cutting fabrics to inserting the zipper and hemming the bottom. It helped that aside from the waistband, there were only three pieces (unlike the last skirt I made – which had 18!) This is the first skirt I’ve made with an actual structured waistband (which you can’t actually see on the picture on the pattern envelope), and I really liked how it fit. Someday I’ll get comfortable wearing my shirts tucked in in public and show it off.

Grammar side note: I tend to always feel like I’m using the wrong spelling whether I write ‘gray’ or ‘grey’. I finally did some research before writing this post, and as best as I can tell ‘grey’ is effectively the british-english version of ‘gray’ – kind of like ‘colour’ vs. ‘color’. Now I can use either justifiably – hooray.


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8 thoughts on “Gray Skirt

  1. Sweet skirt! 🙂 I am just trying to pluck up the courage to try sewing clothing (I did make some PJ pants for my 3 year old this last summer… do they count?) I think it’s fantastic that you squirrel away patterns to use to make yourself clothing from. 🙂 Happy stitching!

  2. Hi Julia, I love the skirt. At least you are brave enough to model your clothes for your blog… I put mine on hangers. I’m not even thinking about if you tucked it in. (smile) I’ve always thought it weird how the title the section and what’s involved there in the pattern books. Business casual is certainly NOT sportswear. I’m with you on the .99 cent sale as well. I so rarely use Butterick but wanted something along the lines of a flair/a-line. This one may come home with me from the next sale.

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