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I’ve been spending a lot of time on pinterest and looking at cool projects from link parties lately, and I’ve been finding more inspiration than I know what to do with. My list of projects to try (both my pinterest board and list in my head of my own ideas) is growing out of control, and Eddie’s been giving me a hard time because I’ve mostly been getting supplies for two new projects every time I finish one! I thought joining up with works in progress Wednesdays might help give me that little push to actually finish more of the projects I have lined up, so here goes:

In Progress:
iPad Case:

Penguin Embroidery
I have the inside (an off-white fleece) and the outside sewn together, I just need to put a zipper in on top.

DWR Quilt Along
I think it was a sign that The Plaid Scottie’s DWR Quilt Along started while I was on an unexpected trip to my grandfather’s house in Colorado and found out that my grandmother had made this quilt:

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

It has my two favorite traditional quilt patterns – a star and double wedding rings. I decided I’d go ahead and commit to the quiltalong and make something like this, even still using navy and white (they happen to be our bedroom colors as well). Here are the fabrics I chose:

I’ve got most of the pieces cut out by now – and I can’t wait to start piecing them together!

Tree Quilt
Two close friends of ours recently got married, and while we have already gotten them a gift from their registry, I decided I wanted to make them a quilt as well. I’ve already got the top together (ok, there was no piecing – just some applique and embroidery).  I’m planning on hand quilting it with a faux bois pattern, but I may wimp out and do it on my machine after all 😛 The idea is for it to look like one of those carvings you see in trees – only snuggly and environmentally friendly!

Tree heart carving quilt
Not Yet Started, but I have all the materials for:

Knife sheath (for the husband)
Navy/White skirt
Black/White rose dress
Green necklace
Purple/pearl necklace & earrings
Coral necklace & earrings
Christmas hexie quilt

And then there’s my to-do list of projects I want to do around the house/as gifts, but I won’t go into that here 😉
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3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Hello. I was wondering if you make the tree quilt for sale. And if you are how much you would charge for one. Thanks a lot.

    1. Jamie – I’m so flattered that you’re interested! Thanks 🙂 I can’t contact you directly because you didn’t leave any contact info. The tree quilt took me a huge period of time, because I hand quilted all the tree lines. If I were to charge reasonably for my time, it would be hundreds of dollars. If you’re interested in a machine quilted version, email me at jmeigenbrodt (at) gmail (dot) com and we can talk about it.

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