Fire Evacuation

I had some posts planned for this week, but then something else came up: a wildfire. Eddie and I have been working in New Mexico this summer, and Sunday night a fire started near town and we ended up being evacuated.

This is a picture from our backyard Sunday afternoon, before we thought it was going to be bad enough for us to have to leave.

This is a picture from later that night – not my picture, but this is about what it looked like when we were leaving town Sunday night.

We’re pretty fortunate in that everything we own out here was brought from Texas in our truck with our puppy, so we were able to pretty quickly pack up everything we own and not have to leave anything behind. My grandpa lives in Colorado, so we’ve been up here visiting since then (which has actually been great! Just no crafting).

As far as we can tell, the fire still hasn’t reached the town or the lab, but the lab is still closed and the city is still under mandatory evacuation. If you’re the praying type, prayers for better weather and to keep the fire from the homes and the lab in town would be fantastic.


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