Embroidery Attempt #2

A while ago, I tried to embroider a penguin onto some leftover fabric I had and planned on turning it into a case for my iPad2. See that guy here. Well, my first attempt at the iPad case was a big fail. I could have salvaged the penguin I made, but I decided to try again. I’m sure glad I did – because I think this one is so much cuter!

I ended up deciding to applique on his belly and face, and he got some snowflakes! I also think I did a much better job about even, smooth stitching around the body. Hooray, practice!

I’ve got most of the iPad case v2.0 done, and its looking much better. Hopefully a positive post about that this weekend!


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9 thoughts on “Embroidery Attempt #2

  1. Oh how cute! Wonderful job!! So funny, when I saw your link at Lovely Graft Home I knew I had to hop over and say hi! I just blogged about FD gift ideas and there are penguins in my post too! HA, so funny and awesome!

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