May Giveway Day

If you pay attention to many sewing/crafty blogs, you likely know that last week was the big semi-annual sew mama sew giveaway event. Its a fun week where hundreds of blogs host giveaways of handmade items and sewing/knitting supplies, and sew mama sew sets it all up and provides master lists of all the giveaways. Its an exciting few days to try to win some awesome stuff and find lots of new exciting blogs to follow.

I ended up adding 32 new blogs to my google reader, but here are some of my favorite new crafty blogs, for anyone who’s interested:

Stolen Moments – Traci is a professional photographer, and as you’d expect she has beautiful pictures. She has a host of lovely projects, like this skirt and this quilt block.

Sewn by Leila – Leila is just starting up a great skill builder sampler which is going to cover a wide range of quilting blocks/techniques from a beginner perspective, including curved piecing, paper piecing, wonky blocks, and several others. Blocks haven’t started yet (just some great posts about picking out fabrics and questions about the sampler tutorials, so go check it out!

Cotton and Curls – refashions a lot of clothes into gorgeous, well-fitting garments, and often shows how they were done – I’m especially in love with this skirt and the ruffles. I love her fun pictures – she is too cute! She didn’t actually host a giveaway day, but I found her through a different blog that did ๐Ÿ™‚

I was pretty excited about it, and ended up entering 171 giveaways! It seems like they’ve just about all wrapped up, and I was left empty handed. I even went and checked all the open ones each day just in case I’d won one of those giveaways where they ask the winner to contact them instead of emailing the winner. I know it was kind of silly of me, but I was really pretty bummed about not winning anything. My sweet husband knew how excited I’d been about some of the goodies and how disappointed I was that I didn’t win anything, and he gave me a $25 ‘gift certificate’ to use on any of my favorite fabric/quilting items. I know its effectively the same as just buying stuff myself, but its fun feeling like I get some new fun stuff without feeling bad about spending money on it. So, what am I going to get?

I think I’m going to wait until June to use it so I can get some of these aptly named cutebots from I Heart Linen’s new line: I Heart.

I’ve been too scared of ironing myself to death to try making my own bias tape, but I think I’m going to get one of these and try it out – I can’t get enough of patterned quilt bindings!


I’ve been a big fan of sherbet pips since I saw it announced on Aneela Hooey’s blog – but I don’t usually get around to purchasing designer fabrics unless I have a very exciting project in mind for them. After seeing them all over giveaway day though, I can’t seem to get this line out of my mind! I’m planning on getting some cuts of a few of these prints as well with the rest of my $25.

Sherbet Pips Girl in a Tree SwingSherbet Pips ScootSherbet Pips Puppy Dog Tails

I’ll have to find one store that has all these things though – or I’ll use up half my money on shipping and not have any room for Sherbet Pips. Anyone know of stores online that carry moda, timeless treasures, and bias tape makers? If not – maybe I can find a store in Albuquerque…and talk my husband into driving me down there for something else and stopping by a fabric store while we’re there ๐Ÿ˜›

p.s. Notice how there are a bunch of links to gorgeous eye candy and pictures in the post, but none of my own pictures? Sorry! But its not a coincidence or (only) poor blogging. I used up both of my camera batteries on our camping trip over memorial weekend, and then realized I left our camera charger in college station! I’m getting a replacement one in the mail soon, and I’ve been working on some fun projects – so new pictures coming soon!

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