Embroidery Attempt #1

My husband and I spend our summers working in New Mexico, but go to school in Texas during the year for graduate degrees. We’ve been here for a week, and I thought I’d done a pretty great job of not forgetting to pack anything. That is, until I sat down to start sewing together a skirt once I’d cut out all the pieces – and realized I’d brought my sewing machine but no foot pedal *sigh*. Conveniently enough, my sister’s staying at our house back in Texas and gave the sewing machine pedal to my mother who is in the process of shipping it to me (thanks, mom!).

With a lack of a sewing machine and some crafty time to spare, I decided I’d try embroidery for another project I have in the works. Embroidery is something I’ve always really admired on other people’s websites and wanted to try on my own, but this weekend was the first time I ever actually finished a project (yay!) It’s not great or perfect, but I’m pretty pleased with it.


I just found a picture of a penguin I liked on the interwebs, drew it on some tracing paper over my fabric, and did a simple back stitch and tried french knots for the eyes. He’s about three inches tall. I originally tried doing a satin stitch across his tummy and face, but I couldn’t get it to turn out very nicely, so this is what I ended up with.

This guy is on some black woven fabric I have leftover from making the skirt, and is destined to become an iPad case for my new iPad2 <3. Hopefully they’ll come together soon once I get my sewing machine all back together!


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