Making aprons as a procrastination technique

I’m a messy baker.

Really, I’m pretty messy in general. But especially when baking or cooking, I always manage to get stuff on myself, especially if I’m doing making with flour. I kept telling myself I’d make myself one eventually, but never got around to it. Of course I couldn’t buy one, since its something I should be able to make myself. This weekend, while putting off working on a project for one of my classes, I finally got around to making an apron! Don’t you love how avoiding something you really don’t want to to is the best motivation for doing something you only kind of don’t want to do?

But where to figure out how to make an apron? I went to my new favorite interwebs tool – pinterest. I found a lot of inspiration there, and did some other interweb searching (etsy, google, etc) and put together a virtual apron inspiration board here. I ultimately decided I wanted a curved back, lacy trim, and a stationary neck strap (no ties). I picked some fabric from my stash, and went to work.


I finished the whole thing (from deciding I wanted to make an apron to finishing up the last details) in just a few hours, and still had time to finish my project before the husband and I met friends for dinner. It was a good day 🙂 My mom loved it, so I’m planning on making her one for mother’s day. Maybe I’ll upload a template for it then?

I can’t wait to make something with it on – I feel like such a cute housewife wearing it!

– Julia

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