Pi Day Paper Piecing!

It’s almost Pi day this year! If you’re not familiar with Pi day, let’s back up a second. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and has a value of 3.14. Some people like to celebrate ‘Pi day‘ on 3/14, or March 14th. Often, this involves eating delicious pies! This year, I’ve made a 4″ paper piecing pattern in the shape of the greek symbol pi to celebrate.

Pi sewing pattern

I added an embroidery smiley face to mine, too. The pattern will be free in my craftsy shop until after Pi day 2017, so if you want a fabric pi use it to celebrate as you wish. I’d love to see a pot holder or trivet for pies!

pi day dress

A couple years ago, I designed some pi fabric and made it into a dress. Some day I’d love to make some more pi(e) blocks out of the fruit pies and pizza from that fabric to go with this pattern!

Leaping Bunny Pillow and Luna Sol Blog Hop

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed and Paula (who wants to visit Egypt and New York City – great choices!) won. Keep reading to see more about the new Luna Sol fabric, though!

I am so excited for my friend Felice’s new fabric line, Luna Sol, to start making its way into the world later this month! Today is my turn on a blog tour to share some fun projects made with her fabrics. I’ve also got a fat quarter bundle of the whole line to giveaway – so make sure to make it to the bottom of this post to see the other stops and enter the giveaway!

Luna Sol Fabric Display

I went to quilt market in Salt Lake City in May to help Felice out with her booth. This is just one corner of the space she put together – she packed so much color and hapiness into that booth! You can see the Luna Sol look book with lots more amazing projects here. See that bunny pillow? I designed it to match one of the cuties in Felice’s fabrics, and the FPP pattern for it is now available in my shop.

Bunny Sewing Pattern

While blender fabrics serve many good purposes, there is a special place in my quilty heart for fabrics that have cute critters and designs. Luna Sol has several prints that are perfect for fussy cutting <3. I started putting some of my favorites in my scalloped hoop necklaces, and couldn’t stop!

Fabric Necklace

There are a total of 19 SKUs in this collection. I’m personally the kind of quilter who usually buys just a few prints from each of several lines rather than entire collections, but these are all so great that its hard for me to pick favorites. There are also 5 coordinating solids chosen from Windham’s artisan cottons, which are similar to shot cottons in that they have different color threads for the warp and weft, so they have a lovely mirage effect in person.

Be sure to check out the other stops for the tour this week:
Sept. 19 – Fabric Mutt with a tutorial for a mini medallion from Felice’s booth
Sept. 20th – Bryan House Quilts with gorgeous photos of a new quilt pattern she made with Luna Sol
Sept. 21st – Stars & Sunshine – that’s me!
Sept. 22nd – Modern Sewciety
Sept. 23rd – Sew Scatterbrained


Luna Sol Fabric

As I mentioned at the beginning, I’ve got a fat quarter bundle to giveaway! I love Felice’s story behind some of the prints in this line. There are basically these bunnies that live on a version of the moon covered in fields of flowers, but when they want to travel elsewhere they turn into comets to jet around. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post telling me where you’d go if you could travel anywhere. Would it be somewhere on Earth? In space? A make-believe land? For me, it would either be Japan or Pluto (which I will always believe is a planet). I’ll pick a random winner on Friday, and the sweet folks at Windham will send the bundle their way. Lucky!

Ocean 241 Tote

When I made my 241 tote more than a year ago, I ended up giving my mom my test purse that I’d made with scrap fabrics. She’s been hinting that she’d like a new one since then, and I finally got around to making one with fabrics I thought she’d love and the little tweaks I made to my own 241 tote.

241 Tote

My mom loves the color blue and most sea-dwelling creatures, so I used this jellyfish print (from Into the Deep by Patty Sloniger) as the main print. I picked out some fish and hearts to go with it, along with this Lizzy House print with a mom and baby whale (for my mom!)

241 tote side pocket

I still love this pattern and it was a fun project to put together. I love the shape of the bag, and the opportunity to put together several prints definitely appeals to the fabric hoarder curator in me.

241 tote zipper

I did most of the same mods as I did for my bag – I added 1.5″ to the width of the center piece, put a key clip in one of the side pockets, made a longer adjustable strap,  and added a zipper closure to the top of the purse. I also learned that using a mostly-white print for the strap and piping was not a great idea for a frequently used purse – I can not seem to get mine clean.

241 tote noodlehead

I tweaked the inner pocket a bit to fit my mom’s phone, and made it in the white version of my very favorite Lizzy House print with one of my Stars and Sunshine tags. I love adding those to my projects!

241 Tote Inner Pocket

Bag Specs:
Pattern: 241 tote from Noodlehead.
Modifications: 1.5″ added to width of center panel, included zipper on top, made a longer adjustable strap to convert to cross-body, and added key clip to inside of one of the side pockets.
Size: Roughly 15″ wide and 14″ tall.
Fabric: Main fabric: Into the Deep by Patty Sloniger; :Side pockets – Natural History by Lizzy House; Lining – Charlie Harper
Made for: my Mom’s birthday


New FPP Pattern – Fructose (sugar) molecule

I’d like to introduce my latest Foundation Paper Pieced (FPP) pattern: a fructose molecule! This is the form of sugar found naturally in food like fruit and vegetables. It’s what makes these foods sweet, so I turned it into a geeky twist on the ‘home sweet home’ phrase.

Fructose Mini Quilt

The pattern includes templates for a 12″ finished fructose molecule to use however you wish (perhaps with my serotonin molecule pattern?). It also includes FPP patterns for the letters in ‘home’ sized to go with the 12″ pattern if you want to make a ‘home sweet home’ project like mine. My FPP patterns generally include 1/2″ seam allowance (standard for most quilted pieces), as well as an extra 1/2″ for trimming. This means the fructose pattern makes a 13″ x 9″ piece, which should be trimmed down to 12.5″ before being used with other elements (such as the HOME letters) and will finish at 12″ wide.

Home Sweet Home pillow
Fructose Pillow made by @charliemarmalade

The pattern includes instructions for embroidering the chemical components around the molecule. These are required to clearly define what the molecule is for real chemists, but even without them the pattern is fun and science-y (and most of my chemist friends still recognized it as a sugar).

Chemistry Quilt

Solids or near solids really let the structure of the molecule shine in this pattern. I used fabric I screen printed myself for the letters, and cotton + steel for the binding. As always, you can find this fructose pattern along other geeky patterns in my craftsy pattern shop. What other molecules would you like to see?

Graduation Dress

Back in may, we went back to Texas for graduation. Of course I made a new dress (and a matching now tie for Eddie!). I’ve said for a while that my favorite sewing projects are making dresses and foundation paper piecing (FPP), so I finally got around to making an FPP project part of a dress!

I love paper piecing and dresses…so I finally put them together for my graduation dress 🎓💃Drafting the pattern around darts and zippers was a new challenge! Eddie got a matching bow tie which peeked out over his robe before we got hooded 😀

A photo posted by Julia Eigenbrodt (@stars_sunshine) on

Let me back up a minute. If you haven’t been following along with me long, you may not know that my husband and I have been in engineering graduate school at Texas A&M for the past several years. We defended our research in the fall, but didn’t have our graduation ceremony until May. We both started new jobs in Ohio in January so had been up here for a while, but went back to Texas for graduation, to see family, and to eat all of the tex-mex.

Aggie Dinosaur Dress

The main bones of this dress are yet another Emery dress, but with a rounded collar, pleated skirt, and some tweaks I’ve made to the bodice over my last several versions including lengthening the bodice and adjusting the arm scythes to fit me a bit better. And, you know, a giant paper pieced Texas A&M logo on the back. More info on making that pattern at the end, if you’re interested!

Dinosaur Dress

The fabrics are both Lizzy House quilting cotton fabrics – Dinosaurs from Natural History in a maroon color and the Scheherazade print from her new whisper palette line of low volume fabrics. The timing of this dress worked out really conveniently to be an entry in the Lizzy House dress contest – check out the #lizzyhousedresscontest hashtag on instagram to see some other amazing clothing with her fabrics.

Aggie Graduation Dress

This is the third dress I’ve made with this dinosaur print in different colors – check out my purple dino dress and my knit aqua dino dress! I’ve also made a series of dinosaur paper piecing patterns some of which were inspired by dinos in this print – feel free to also check out my recent jurassic park pillow and the quilt pattern featuring all 9 dinosaurs.

eigengrad 002

While undergraduates are sorted alphabetically by last name but separated by departments, the doctoral graduates in the college of engineering are all together by last name – so Eddie and I were able to sit next to each other during the ceremony even though we’re in different departments. My dress was hidden under our gowns during the ceremony, but Eddie’s bow tie peeked out over his perfectly until we put on our hoods.

dress paper pieced pattern

Making the FPP pattern: I make lots of FPP patterns, but this one was a new challenge since it needed to include space for darts and a zipper. I printed out an image of the block ATM logo, then traced it onto a copy of my back bodice Emery dress pattern on freezer paper. The logo was fairly convenient in that I was able to pick a good size such that the ‘T’ fit under the back neck darts, and the back waist darts only needed to be moved a slight bit to fit in the middle of the ‘A’ & ‘M’. I traced the ‘T’ and inner sides of the ‘A’ & ‘M’, then angled the logo I was tracing across the center of the waist darts for the outer sides of the ‘A’ & ‘M’. I then drew out my paper piecing pattern, and copied the templates to additional pieces of freezer paper for the actual piecing. I paper pieced the center sections, then traditionally pieced the outer sections with rough templates for angles and lots of extra room for trimming. Finally, I lined up the bodice patterns with the original FPP patterns on top of the fabric making sure the design lined up and cut out the back bodice pieces. Sewing the darts was a little tricky with all those seam allowances, but it turned out really well!

eigengrad 007

Dress Specs:

Pattern: Emery Dress by Christine Haynes
Modifications: rounded collar, pleated skirt, paper pieced logo on back bodice, and minor adjustments included lengthening bodice and adjusting armscythe.
Size: 6.
Fabric: Lizzy House Dino Exhibit in Red and Scheherazade in Cloud.

Texas A&M Century Tree